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Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Whether you have 1,000 items or 100,000 items, managing your inventory is a snap. You can search products, filter products, make bulk changes to titles and pricing, duplicate items, view images in bulk, move products to different categories in bulk and more.

Shipping Management

Print shipping labels with a single click for UPS, Federal Express, or USPS. We have designed our shipping manager to be extremely fast and easy, with the ability to track and ship items over the web from anywhere in the world. You can tag packages with notes, put orders on hold, modify orders directly and manage backorders.

Order Management

Making changes to orders is easy and intuitive. If you have a bar code scanner, you can create orders in snap. You can add comments, update tracking information and make changes to orders.

Gozooko Easy Load

With Gozooko Easy Load, you are able to import 10,000's of products from another vendor in a matter of minutes. Creating products for your store is a time consuming task and now it's even easier.  You can import images, titles, descriptions, pricing and more to help speed up the setup of your store.


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