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Full Feature Set

Gozooko Easy Load

Automatically upload the entire inventory of distributors like Morris Costumes and Allure Lingerie into your store. Includes images, descriptions, titles, pricing, etc...  Automatically refreshes inventory from the distributor as well.

Import all 18,000 items Morris Costumes offers in under 15 minutes.

Gozooko Image Easy

With Gozooko Image Easy the work of resizing images and making multiple thumbnails is done for you. You simply upload an image in any image format, and Gozooko Image Easy automatically creates small, medium, and large images for you.  Saves you time and money.


Drop Shipping

A process whereby three parties interact with the sales transaction (the buyer, the seller, and the supplier). The buyer initiates a purchase from the seller, who then arranges with the supplier to ship the product directly to the buyer. The seller does not carry inventory of the product and the supplier does not have any direct communication with the buyer. The buyer pays the seller and the seller pays the supplier.

Gozooko has worked with vendors to create data feeds which allow you to easily import 10,000's of products into your Gozooko online store.  This includes all data available from the vendor such as item descriptions, titles, images, prices, UPC, and more. The inventory levels are automatically updated on a regular bases to mitigate selling a product which is not available.   It doesn't get any easier than this!

Free, ready-to-use templates

Many free high quality professional ecommerce templates that will make your site look great instantly.

We also have a large selection of professionally designed premium templates to choose from as well.

Product Magnifier

Your customers can zoom in for a closer look at your products to see the finer details. This helps your customers feel more confident about the product, making it an easy buy decision.

Multiple Products Photos

Customers want to see multiple angles of a product before buying. With Gozooko you can add multiple product photos to show off your products.

Manage YouTube videos in a snap

Add conversion boosting videos to your products, and you will be turning those looks into sales in no time!

No limit product options and color swatch system

Size, color, textures, or any option you want. You can add an unlimited number of product options to your products to ensure your customer get exactly what they want.  Built-in color swatch feature allows you to highlight all the colors your product is available in, so your customer doesn’t have to guess what a particular color looks like.

Wish Lists

Make it easy for customers to build a wish list of products they want to purchase.  This brings customers back to your site again and again.


Create coupons and discounts

Boost your sales with coupons and discounts.  You can give percentages off, free shipping, and dollar amount discounts, for the entire site or just certain products or categories.

Tweet it! Like it! Share it!

Your customers can spread the word of your products across the social media channels using the built in Social Media information boxes, helping to drive traffic and sales.

Complete Inventory Management System
Most ecommerce solutions don’t allow you to track all variations of a product, but with our inventory management system, every variation of a product is a unique product in the system which will show to your customers as a single product with multiple options on your site. This allows you to keep accurate sales and inventory information and your customers happy.
Keep an eye on your inventory

Prevent the issues associated with selling out of stock items by always knowing how many items you have in stock.  Our built-in inventory management system ensures your inventory is always up to date.

Process orders in no time

Get your orders processed and to your cusomters quickly with Gozooko's advenaced order processing system.  Spend less time processing orders and more time making sales.

Shipping Management
Easily ship items via UPS, FedEx, and USPS, right in the Gozooko shipping management system.  Takes seconds to do what used to take minutes.
Real-time feedback with customer reviews
Customers can easily add reviews to products, providing valuable information future buyers can rely on.
emails and newsletters marketing

Quickly reach out to your customers with the email and newsletter marketing functions.

PCI Compliant to protect your business and your customer

All our Gozooko eCommerce solutions are PCI compliant. Gozooko eCommerece solutions meet or exceed  Payment Card Industry standards, and are regulary reviewed and tested to ensure you and your customer's information are always secure.

Control access to your store

You control who sees what in your ecommerce back office and on your site.

Know all about your business in a glance

Our graphs and and reporting system will allow you to make the best decisions for you business and for your customers.  Better information allows you to make better decisions.

Keep the sales flowing 24x7x365 with our 99.99% uptime guarantee

Gozooko architecture is rock solid and we back that up with our 99.99% uptime guarantee.  With Gozooko you are always open for business.

*Read the Terms of Service for details

Best in class hosting technology

Gozooko utilizes redundant best in class system, hardware, applicaitons, and data solutions to ensure your site is up and running every hour of every day so you are always open for business.

Technical support from real people

We are here to help via telephone or the web when you need us.  Our knowledgable staff will make sure you have a great customer experience.

Support Videos

Gozooko ecommerce solutions are intuitive, but we know you sometimes need a little help, so we have videos showing you how to setup and manage your Gozooko ecommerce store.  We also have dedicated staff to help answer any questions you may have.


A knowledge base library of resources at your fingertips

We continually update our knowledge to ensure you have the most up-to-date information to update and manage your store.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO
Built-in Search Engine Optimization helps your store get noticed in Google, Yahoo and Bing, driving more sales.  We regularly upate our Search Engine Optimization as the search engines make changes to ensure you always have the opportunity for top PageRank.


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